iPhone 8 Repair

iPhone 5S Diagnostic Service

iPhone 8 Diagnostic

 iPhone 8 diagnostics are the sure way to see what is going on with your device. From battery to software tests, we can see exactly what your iPhone 8 needs to run at full speed ahead! 

iPhone 5S Vibrator Repair

iPhone 8 Vibrator Repair

 Sometimes, iPhone 8 vibrators can go bad, and when they do, you need our vibrator replacement service. So, if your iPhone 8 is not experiencing good vibrations, stop in today!

iPhone 5S Volume Button Repair

iPhone 8 Volume Button

  iPhone 8 volume buttons can get stuck, fall off, or stop working altogether. If you cannot adjust your iPhone 8 ’s volume at will, stop in today to get repaired by our team of dedicated professionals! We will take care of your iPhone 8 Volume Button Replacement

iPhone 5S Water Damage

iPhone 8 Water Damage

 The process will include checking to see which components still work, which need replacing and what your iPhone 8 needs to get back up and running in as little time as possible. 

iPhone 5S Battery Replacement

iPhone 8 Battery Replacement

    A iPhone 8 with a less-than trusty battery is a hassle- luckily we have smartphone battery replacement services for most major brands.

5s gl lcd rpl 1

iPhone 8 Glass/LCD Replacement

   One of our most popular repairs, if you have an iPhone 8 with Glass/LCD that is cracked, has a distorted image, no image, or otherwise malfunctioning? Stop by and join our many happy customers who no longer try to work around a cracked screen!